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Call For Papers – Rethinking Transparency Conference 19-21 May 2021 Copenhagen Business School

    Today we would like to make our readers aware of a conference planned for May 2021 on the issue of transparency. As the HECAT project involves a detailed study of algorithms and their social impact, it seems an ideal opportunity to talk about “big data” and its potential consequences. See the details of the conference below and we hope to see you all there!

    The 7th Global Transparency Conference - Rethinking Transparency: Challenging Ideals and Embracing Paradoxes, Copenhagen 19-21 May 2021.

    Call for Papers for The 7th Global Transparency Conference – Rethinking Transparency: Challenging Ideals and Embracing Paradoxes, Copenhagen 19-21 May 2021.

    Transparency scholarship has become a vibrant area of research, connecting an increasingly diverse set of disciplines such as organization, communication, public administration, journalism, political science, sociology, anthropology, law, business, and philosophy.

    Over the past years, studies have examined different mutations of transparency, particularly fiscal transparency, freedom of information legislation, open government, e-government, digital surveillance, corruption, ratings, rankings, and benchmarking.

    Many of these studies address the broader significance of transparency for society, organizations, and individuals and unveil both positive and negative consequences of transparency practices. In parallel a host of conceptual contributions theorize transparency from different disciplinary, theoretical, and epistemological perspectives, emphasizing the promises and ideals but also the perils and paradoxes associated with the ideal.

    The conference wants to take stock of what we know about the up- and downsides of transparency by bringing together theoretical, normative, and empirical research and by spurring debates between the different perspectives. Among others, we invite papers discussing and studying the following issues:

    ·- Transparency and social theory
    – Transparency and ideology
    – Transparency and governance
    – Transparency and quantification
    – Transparency, secrecy and privacy
    – Open government, e-government
    – Freedom of Information
    – Transparency and social media
    – Transparency and surveillance
    – Transparency in the political system
    – Transparency and corruption
    – Transparency and organizations
    – Fiscal transparency
    – Studying transparency: methodological challenges

    We are happy to accept both individual paper submissions and submissions for panels.

    Abstracts for papers should be no longer than 400 words. Proposals for panels should consist of 3-4 presenters and a moderator. They should include a proposed title for the panel and an abstract (500 words), the titles and 200 words abstracts of the papers, together with the names and affiliations of contributors.

    Please submit an abstract for a paper or a panel proposal no later than September 13, 2020 (extended deadline).

    Accepted proposals will be notified until 15 October, 2020.

    Final papers with up to 7.000 words to be submitted until 18 April, 2021.

    Please upload papers on the conference website: