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This Week in HECAT

    This has been a very productive week for the HECAT project, with several important deadlines hit. We wanted to take a moment and update all of you.

    We would like to thank our partners in Sciences Po (France) for submitting their deliverable on the User Vision Statement of our project. This is a public document and we would recommend that anyone interested in the HECAT project take a look, as with all our public deliverables it is available on our deliverables page. The user vision statement goes over the complexities inherent in any substantive understanding of unemployment and offers HECAT’s perspective on the prevailing unemployment literature. It is broken up into three sections:

    • The Lived Experiences of Unemployment
    • The Government of the Experiences of the Unemployed
    • The Inequalities Within Unemployment

    Each of these sections gets into the nitty gritty details of unemployment, and the document covers a truly vast range of literature from an array of different countries, we hope you enjoy it.

    We are also on track to publish another deliverable – a report on Commonly Used Algorithms. This deliverable is virtually finished but we have encountered a minor delay and we expect to publish it soon. This deliverable will also be public, so stay tuned for that!

    As of yesterday (July 2nd) HECAT has also submitted an application for microdata access to Eurostat. As our project plans to build algorithm(s) that are uniquely tailored to our data sets and ethical perspective, it is essential that we gain access to as many data sources as possible. As such we have requested access to the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC). Our data scientists are already hard at work analysing the publicly available data, but of course more is better.

    Finally, assuming that everything goes according to plan and there is no second wave of infections from COVID-19 we have provisionally made arrangements for our entire project to meet in Copenhagen on September 25th. We are sure many people have been finding (as we are) that we sorely miss the connection and subtleties of in-person communication, we are all crossing our fingers that it will be safe and possible for us to meet. The fact that it’s such a striking and beautiful city doesn’t hurt either!

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