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ESPANet Online Seminar Details

    On September 3rd espanet (the European Network for Social Policy Analysis) is hosting a series of online seminars for PhD students to network and present their research. See the details below.

    Combined Streams 3-4: Big data and digitalisation in social and employment services

    Conveners: Minna van Gerven (University of Helsinki, Finland), Janine Leschke (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark), Magnus Paulsen Hansen (Roskilde University, Denmark) and Stefano Sacchi (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)

    Time: Thursday 3rd of September, from 1 PM to 4 PM (CET)

    Location: on Zoom (to participate, please contact Janine Leschke [] or Zach Roche []) for the zoom link.


    13.00-13:15: Welcome

    13:10-13:40: Kristian Bisgaard Haug (Roskilde University, Denmark) Profiling the unemployed: A systematic literature review of how the unemployed has been and are statistically and algorithmically profiled

    13:40-14:10: Ulrik B.U. Roehl (Aalborg University, Denmark) Articulations of Automated Decision-making and Good Administration: Opportunities, Risks and Trade-Offs

    14:10-14:40: Andy Eric Castillo Patton (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain) Monitoring suicide: A sociological metaanalysis of the results of e-health apps in suicide prevention

    14:40-15:10: Rita Griffith (University of Bath, The UK) Universal Credit and automated decision making systems: A case of the digital tail wagging the policy dog?

    15:10-15:40: Brun Hummel (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) The Accessibility of Online Government Services: using the Capability Approach to assess the Accessibility of Childcare Allowances in the Netherlands

    15:40-16:00: Closing