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May – A Very Busy Month for HECAT

    As many academics know, May is traditionally known as ‘conference season’ for reasons that are self-explanatory. For the last 2 years we were unable to meet in-person due to COVID, but with lockdown restrictions eased we are once again getting out there to conferences. In May we ran the Economy & Society Summer School in scenic Cork, hosted by our colleagues in University College Cork, we then attended the Sociological Association of Ireland conference where HECAT had our very own panel on the labour market, and finally at the end of May our whole consortium gathered for an in-person meeting that was extremely successful. We are grateful to our partners in Sciences Po for hosting us in their incredible Paris campus.

    We give each event a brief write up, followed by photo galleries – it is a real blessing to be able to travel once again and we were delighted to meet new people and see old friends for the first time in over 2 years!

    The Economy & Society Summer School

    The theme of this year’s school was “walking”, and so the school was held with a view to encouraging participants to walk around Cork city, and actively look around at the life of the city. Indeed our opening lecture was given by Maggie O’Neill and very much emphasised that across time and space that many cultures have associated walking, thinking, reasoning, and being.

    The Sociological Association of Ireland Conference

    Likewise HECAT was in attendance at the 2022 SAI conference, held at the Technological University of the Shannon, a wonderful and hospitable campus. HECAT had our own panel that generated some fantastic discussion, and the plenary lectures by Prof. Mary Corcoran and Dr. Rory Hearne really put us in mind of ‘home’ – which of course was the theme of this year’s conference.

    Paris – Sciences Po

    After a very long wait our project was finally able to gather in-person and bring virtually our entire consortium for a meeting hosted by WP1 in the extraordinary Sciences Po Paris campus. We are immensely grateful to our French hosts for their hospitality and organizational skills in bringing this event together. The event took place over 2 days and featured presentations from academic work in progress, but also vital meetings about the development of our tool and a review of its features. We are immensely grateful to our partners for coming along, and we hope to have another in-person consortium meeting sooner rather than later!

    Pics of our entire team, but also the members of the SETU team who were able to make it!

    We follow with a gallery of some other lovely pics of the campus and presentations that took place.