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The Economy & Society Summer School 2023

The Economy and Society Summer School has long since been an important part of many of the HECAT team’s calendars. The school brings together an array of post-graduate students and academics from across the humanities and social sciences and is usually held in Co. Cork, Ireland. This year, the school is delighted to announce we will come together in An Díseart, Dingle/An Daingean, County Kerry from April 11-14th 2023.


E+S 2023 | Theorising at the Edges of the World.

This year’s theme reflects many’s desire to retreat from the confines of conventional academic thought. While hectic lifestyles and increased stresses to measure academic activities through metrics is on the rise, we aspire to take a step back. Over previous years, E&S has aspired to create an open space for discussion that is disciplined and interest indifferent. Here, theory and thought can flourish against the backdrop of open discussion and togetherness. Our ambition is to consider the foundations of Economy & Society, things that bring us together and provide the basis for rethinking our shared worlds, from the edges. Just for a moment, we hope to re-think and re-conceptualise our shared predicaments.


Located in the most Westerly point of Europe, Dingle is an apt setting for open thought and knowledge sharing. Over a few days in April, we will take the time to ruminate and consider, and try to recapture that spirit of curiosity and generosity of the ideal academy. Our setting An Díseart Visitor Center was founded in 1996 and strives to promote research and cultural activities in this beautiful settling.


We welcome doctoral, masters and post-doc scholars, from across the humanities and social sciences. Please send an expression of interest, including a brief outline of candidates’ study to date and research in progress. A short academic CV is welcome but not required. For more information, please click here or email

Credits Available

The Economy & Society Summer School is oriented to the needs of doctoral students and advanced masters students interested in further research. It is can be taken as a 5 or 10 credit module; see PG7040 or PG7041 in the UCC book of modules.

If you are interested in taking these courses for credit, please email


Fees: €400 full fees / €100. (Reduced fees for non-funded PhDs or other exceptions)

Fees cover attendance and accommodation in Dingle town (Mon-Friday: 5 nights inclusive.)

Tea/Coffee & Daily Lunch included. Dinner, subsistence and travel at attendees’ own expense.

Full event runs from 11am Tuesday to 4pm Friday

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