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Policy Launch: Public Service AI /// Trust – Values – Accuracy 

    Contemporary Public Services are rapidly expanding their use of technology and IT solutions as digitalisation continues to take hold globally. With this comes increased data availability, which facilitated the rise in use of statistical modelling and mathematic-based solutions within Public Services. Here, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an expanding role in service provision.  

    While an array of benefits can be enacted from the adoption of such technologies, the risk of substantial misuse is ever present where such mechanics are adopted. As such, we find ourselves in an age where increasing consideration for ethical AI adoption and utilisation in public service is warranted. 

    The Event

    This event explores three key ethical dimensions of Public Service AI /// Trust – Value – Accuracy. Joining together in synergy, three EU Research projects; HECAT, ETAPAS and TechEthos will launch the following policy briefs: 

    The event will further feature three additional H2020 projects who will act as respondents for each of these papers.

    Date and Time

    This event will be held via Zoom on May 26th beginning at 10 am GMT / 11 am CET.

    Who is it for? 

    This event is of use to anyone interested in AI’s role in Public Services.  

    Registration Link: 

    To register for this event, please click the following link:  

    Horizon 2020  

    HECAT, ETAPAS and TechEthos are Horizon 2020-funded projects supported by the European Union. This event aims to build on synergies from within such work and presents three policy briefs based on the research of these projects.