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Economy & Society Summer School

The Reformation of Welfare

    Ray Griffin and Tom Boland – March 23rd – 10:00 GMT Abstract: Contemporary states incessantly pursue welfare reform:  This talk traces how welfare has been conceptualised from early twentieth century models of social insurance, through the ILO definition of unemployment to the post-war welfare state,… Read More »The Reformation of Welfare

    Economic Theology: Governance

      Mitchell Dean – March 11th – 10:00 GMT Abstract: Foucault and Agamben in the present– Governmentality, economic theology and political theology as paradigms and analytical strategies – Methodological orientations, e.g. signature, arche, genealogy – Institutional and conceptual economic theology – The ordeal (l’épreuve): personal, economic, governmental… Read More »Economic Theology: Governance

      E&S 2021 Kickoff and Follow-up

        Lynne Layton and Nidesh Lawtoo – February 23rd 2021 – 16:00 GMT Abstract: Theme 1: Ideas Lying Around  Date: February 23rd Presented in collaboration with Deep Institutional Innovation for Sustainability (DIIS). “Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs,… Read More »E&S 2021 Kickoff and Follow-up