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An Informal Chat

    Today our project met to have a coffee meeting, but via zoom call. At this difficult time, it is more important than ever to maintain our social bonds and make a special effort to reach out and discuss our work. Up until now our work… Read More »An Informal Chat

    MiDAS: A Cautionary Tale

      One of HECAT’s core guiding principles is our commitment to developing an algorithm that is ethical and that has no strings attached. We intend for use of our algorithm to be entirely voluntary, and there are many cautionary tales in the world of data science… Read More »MiDAS: A Cautionary Tale

      The Elevator Pitch

        Researchers have been encouraged to produce and offer an elevator pitch of their research. The premise being that if you were in an elevator with someone for 45-60 seconds and had to explain your research to them in that time, what would you say? Today… Read More »The Elevator Pitch