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Deliverables and Publications


Public Deliverables on CORDIS EU Page:

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWork PackageLead BeneficiaryTypeDissemination LevelDeliverable Link
D1.1Detailed User Context
D1.2Interim report on Data
Ethics and Use
D1.3Report ethical, social, theological, technical review of 1st generation PES algorithms and their useWP1SETUReportPublic
D1.4Interim report on User Vision StatementWP1Sciences PoReportPublic
D2.1Selecting the suitable job quality items in profiling and job matching algorithms for public employment servicesWP2CBSReportPublic
D2.2Technical report data sources and data protection for algorithm developmentWP2CBSReportPublic
D2.3An initial baseline study and sample database for conditions of employment and unemploymentWP2Networking For JobsOtherConfidentialConfidential
D2.4A final baseline and benchmarking study database for conditions of employment and unemploymentWP2Networking For JobsReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)
D3.1Report on commonly used algorithms and their performanceWP3JSIReportConfidentialConfidential
D3.2A training set of anonymised data that can be used for development and evaluation of algorithmsWP3JSIDataConfidentialConfidential
D3.3A prototype implementation of the proposed algorithmsWP3JSIDemoConfidentialConfidential
D3.4A library with fully operational implementation of the algorithms (source code)WP3JSIDataConfidentialConfidential
D3.5A technical report on the development of the systemWP3JSIReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)
D4.1Interaction Design FrameworkWP4TecnaliaReportConfidentialConfidential
D4.2Functional User Interface & validation reportWP4TecnaliaDemoConfidentialConfidential
D4.3Gamification Strategy for the PlatformWP4TecnaliaReportConfidentialConfidential
D4.4Hecat functional platform, draft version (Web platform)WP4TecnaliaDemoConfidentialConfidential
D4.5Living-lab simulation, iterative process of review and updateWP4TecnaliaDemoConfidentialConfidential
D4.6Hecat functional platform, final version (Web platform)WP4TecnaliaOtherConfidentialConfidential
D4.7User Training manual and technical protocolsWP4TecnaliaReportConfidentialConfidential
D5.1Feedback report from expert user panel meetings reportWP5RUCReportConfidentialConfidential
D5.2Report on data collected during and after pilot including benchmarking– TechnicalWP5TECNALIAReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)
D5.3Report on data collected during and after pilot including benchmarking- Sociological ReportWP5RUCReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)
D5.4Report and model for developing pathways for disruptive technologies into public servicesWP5SETUReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)
D6.1Communications and Quality Control guidelines including logo and publicity requirementsWP6SETUReportConfidentialConfidential
D6.2Website, social media platformsWP6SETUWebPublic
D7.1Terms of reference and schedule for steering group meetingsWP7SETUReportPublic
D7.2Policy Brief 1:
Algorithm Profiling in Public Employment Services (PES): Reporting Standards – Policy Brief
D7.2Policy Brief 2: Labour Market Visibility: Data and the Job SearchWP7SETUReportConfidential
D7.3Data Management PlanWP7SETUODRPConfidentialConfidential
D7.4Exploitation & Business PlanWP7SETUReportConfidentialConfidential
D7.5Impact Measurement ReportWP7SETUReportPublic
Forthcoming (2023)

Policy Briefs

  • Hayes, Orla, Griffin, Ray. (January, 2023). [HECAT] D7.2 Policy Briefing Report 1 “Algorithm Profiling in Public Employment Services (PES): Reporting Standards Policy Brief”. Zenodo.
  • Hayes, Orla; Griffin, Ray; Tuite, Aisling; Jordan, Antoinette (2023). [HECAT] D7.2 Policy Briefing Report 2 “Labour Market Visibility: Data and the Job Market”. Zenodo.



All Publications

Zenodo Open Access Repository for the HECAT Project:


Blog Posts – Latest News

News and Media


19/09/23 HECAT Project Feature in “Horizon – the EU Research & Innovation Magazine” “Easing job jitters in the digital revolution” with Dr Aisling Tuite, SETU Ireland

18/07/2023 HECAT Project Feature in CORDIS Results Pack on Skills: “Digital platform to connect the right jobs to the right people” with Dr Ray Griffin, SETU Ireland


09/11/2021 RTE Radio South-East Uni Debate

15/07/2021 Newstalk The Reformation of Welfare: The New Faith of the Labour Market with Dr. Ray Griffin


16/11/2020 Irish Examiner: Budget and capital spending

11/9/2020 WLRfm: WIT@50

10/8/2020 WLRfm: Covid Impacts

30/6/2020 Irish Examiner: Programme for Government

9/5/2020 Wexford People: Covid impacts

27/4/2020 South East Radio: Covic impacts


04/12/2019 WLRFM: Waterford IT School of Business team awarded €3.5m to study unemployment algorithms.

02/12/2019 Tech Central: Waterford researchers awarded €3.5m to use algorithmic insights in study of unemployment

31/7/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

11/6/2019 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

22/4/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

13/4/2019 Dungarvan Observer: Waterford Airport

19/1/2019 Irish Times: Healthcare


9/8/2018 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

1/05/2018 KCLR: SE University Issue

2/05/2018 South East Radio: university issue

2/3/2018 Munster Express: WIT is Operating at University Level

31/1/2018 Seanad Éireann debate on Technological University Bill

11/01/2018 Munster Express: South East’s 9.2 per cent IDA jobs boost is “stunning”


23/11/2017 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Job Quality

15/11/2017 WLRfm News: South East facing a stampede of youth out of the region

14/11/2017 Oireachtas Committee on Business, Enterprise and Innovation: Opening statement by SENSOR

26/9/2017 WLRfm News: Benefits of TU are unclear

22/07/2017 Irish Times:  Waterford stays optimistic after years of neglect

13/07/2017 Munster Express: There’s no policy appetite to address regional weaknesses

6/7/2017 Carlow Nationalist: Carlow let down by IDA

05/07/2017 Seanad Éireann debate Unemployment Data

03/07/2017 RTE Radio 1 Drivetime: South East Monitor 2017

03/07/2017 SE Radio News: SE in economic decline

16/03/2017 Kilkenny County Council Presentation to SPC


08/12/2016 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Economic Monitor   

17/08/2016 South East Radio: Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick

30/06/2016 Seanad Éireann debate on sustainable employment

22/06/2016 Dáil Debate Motion on SE unemployment

18/6/2016 Wexford People: Damning report on region’s economy

10/06/2016 Irish Examiner: Unemployment at ‘crisis’ point across South-East


A preview of the HECAT project flyer
A preview of the WUERC flyer, this is a sister project to HECAT

The HECAT Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement No 870702