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Deliverables and Publications

As part of our commitment to transparency, openness, communication, and dissemination we will log all publicly available deliverables, publications and other outputs here.


This deliverable reviews those algorithms which existed prior to our project’s start, and is a discussion and critique of those algorithms from a variety of perspectives. In doing this, we also indicate how our own approach will differ from the existing state of the art.

Any project which deals with human subjects, and large quantities of data has to grapple with questions around data use and ethics. In this deliverable we explain how we will ensure that all data are stored in accordance with relevant guidelines (such as GDPR) and the steps we will take to ensure all data are used ethically.

The broad goal of HECAT is to work with the unemployed rather than on them, which has often been the case for many algorithms. In this deliverable, our French partners in Sciences Po explore and explain how this will be achieved by attending to the uniqueness of the experience(s) of unemployment.

It is crucial for projects to have a strong web presence if they are to disseminate their findings widely. Find our original logos and website here.

EU projects are typically led by steering groups who take key decisions and direct the project in new directions. Find our terms of reference for our steering group here.

Our algorithm will be piloted in Slovenia, and so it was essential to develop an understanding of the Slovenian labour market, which we detail here.

As our project will sift through and assimilate a vast quantity of data, it was necessary to undertake a review of the available sources of data and how data protection can best be achieved.

There are many challenges in understanding what a good quality job might mean. This deliverable discusses these challenges in details, and outlines how our tool can incorporate job quality as a measure.


The Reformation of Welfare: The New Faith of the Labour Market (book) by Tom Boland & Ray Griffin

This book investigates work and welfare through a theological lens. We pray by going to work, unemployment is a purgatory, and jobseeking is a pilgrimage. Find more information, including a video of the authors discussing the book here.

This article establishes a decision support model that outlines how we can go about selecting the best candidate for a particular role.

Predicting how long someone will remain unemployed is a key goal of modern welfare. This article explores how deep artificial neural networking can be used to make these predictions.


News and Media


09/11/2021 RTE Radio South-East Uni Debate

15/07/2021 Newstalk The Reformation of Welfare: The New Faith of the Labour Market with Dr. Ray Griffin


16/11/2020 Irish Examiner: Budget and capital spending

11/9/2020 WLRfm: WIT@50

10/8/2020 WLRfm: Covid Impacts

30/6/2020 Irish Examiner: Programme for Government

9/5/2020 Wexford People: Covid impacts

27/4/2020 South East Radio: Covic impacts


04/12/2019 WLRFM: Waterford IT School of Business team awarded €3.5m to study unemployment algorithms.

02/12/2019 Tech Central: Waterford researchers awarded €3.5m to use algorithmic insights in study of unemployment

31/7/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

11/6/2019 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

22/4/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

13/4/2019 Dungarvan Observer: Waterford Airport

19/1/2019 Irish Times: Healthcare


9/8/2018 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

1/05/2018 KCLR: SE University Issue

2/05/2018 South East Radio: university issue

2/3/2018 Munster Express: WIT is Operating at University Level

31/1/2018 Seanad Éireann debate on Technological University Bill

11/01/2018 Munster Express: South East’s 9.2 per cent IDA jobs boost is “stunning”


23/11/2017 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Job Quality

15/11/2017 WLRfm News: South East facing a stampede of youth out of the region

14/11/2017 Oireachtas Committee on Business, Enterprise and Innovation: Opening statement by SENSOR

26/9/2017 WLRfm News: Benefits of TU are unclear

22/07/2017 Irish Times:  Waterford stays optimistic after years of neglect

13/07/2017 Munster Express: There’s no policy appetite to address regional weaknesses

6/7/2017 Carlow Nationalist: Carlow let down by IDA

05/07/2017 Seanad Éireann debate Unemployment Data

03/07/2017 RTE Radio 1 Drivetime: South East Monitor 2017

03/07/2017 SE Radio News: SE in economic decline

16/03/2017 Kilkenny County Council Presentation to SPC


08/12/2016 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Economic Monitor   

17/08/2016 South East Radio: Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick

30/06/2016 Seanad Éireann debate on sustainable employment

22/06/2016 Dáil Debate Motion on SE unemployment

18/6/2016 Wexford People: Damning report on region’s economy

10/06/2016 Irish Examiner: Unemployment at ‘crisis’ point across South-East


A preview of the HECAT project flyer
A preview of the WUERC flyer, this is a sister project to HECAT