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Digital Public Employment Services in Action

The HECAT project will publish a book in 2025 (Policy Press)

Open Access: The ePDF (for institutions), Kindle and epub (for consumers) versions of the work will be made available as Open Access with a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

Didier Demazière


Research Director CNRS, Science Po Paris

Ray Griffin


Senior Lecturer in Management & Organisation, South East Technological University, Waterford

Magnus Paulsen Hansen


Associate Professor School of Governance, Roskilde University

Janine Leschke


MSO in Comparative Labour Market Analysis, Copenhagen Business School


    Part 1: Digitalisation, Welfare and Job Search

    The Dynamics of PES Digitalisation (Editors)

    From Politics to Code: The Unfolding of EU Digital Aspirations Into Practice (Antoinette Jordan & Ray Griffin)

    Job Searching. What types of Information Guide Jobseekers (Didier Demazière)

    Part 2: Digital Technologies and the Challengers of an Innovative Service

    Open Inquiry into Disruptive Digital Services (Aisling Tuite & Pavle Boškoski)

    Legal Considerations for Algorithm Development (Ayo Næsborg-Andersen)

    Labour Market Data & Job Quality (Clément Brébion and Janine Leschke)

    Part 3: Digitalisation, Job Counsellors and their Services

    Labour Market Data in PES Counselling (Magnus Paulsen Hansen, Sabina Pultz and Maggie Müller)

    The Uses Of Statistical Profiling In The French PES. An Ethnographic Fieldwork Among The Counsellors (Alizée Delpierre and Didier Demazière)

    Varieties of concerns of profiling and AI: A Comparative Study of Differences Between Ireland, France, Denmark and Slovenia (Magnus Paulsen Hansen, Sabina Pultz, Maggie Müller, Didier Demazière, Ray Griffin, Martina Rameša)

    Cyborg Futures of Care and Welfare (Aisling Tuite)

    Part 4: How digital tools affect the Unemployed?

    The Making of An Unemployed Population (Antoinette Jordan, Zeta Dooly & Ray Griffin)

    Digitizing Exclusion: The Challenges of Modern Unemployment and PES Delivery (Antoinette Kelly and Zach Roche)

    Exploring Omni-channel Welfare Experiences in Unemployment Services (Órla Hayes, Aisling Tuite and Ray Griffin)

    Profiling and Subjectification of the Unemployed – Insights From Casework (Sabina Pultz)

    Conclusion – The Future of PES Services and Welfare (Editors)


    Clément Brébion, Copenhagen Business School

    Pavle Boškoski, Jožef Stefan Institute

    Alizée Delpierre, Sciences Po

    Didier Demazière, Sciences Po

    Zeta Dooly, South East Technological University, Ireland

    Ray Griffin, South East Technological University, Ireland

    Magnus Paulsen Hansen, Roskilde University

    Órla Hayes, Technological University Dublin

    Antoinette Jordan, South East Technological University, Ireland

    Antoinette Kelly, South East Technological University, Ireland

    Janine Leschke, Copenhagen Business School

    Maggie Müller, Roskilde University

    Ayo Næsborg-Andersen, University of South Denmark

    Sabina Pultz, Roskilde University

    Martina Rameša, Employment Service of Slovenia

    Zach Roche, South East Technological University, Ireland

    Aisling Tuite, South East Technological University, Ireland

    The HECAT Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement No 870702