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September in Slovenia

    September has been a busy month for the HECAT team as we entered the piloting stage of our project.

    Racism and Algorithms: Part 2

      Previously we have written about the problematic relationship between algorithms and law enforcement, specifically what happens when algorithms are supposed to predict crime in advance of it happening (precrime). Today we will briefly mention another case of racism in algorithms by going over a recent… Read More »Racism and Algorithms: Part 2

      This Week in HECAT

        This has been a very productive week for the HECAT project, with several important deadlines hit. We wanted to take a moment and update all of you. We would like to thank our partners in Sciences Po (France) for submitting their deliverable on the User… Read More »This Week in HECAT

        MiDAS: A Cautionary Tale

          One of HECAT’s core guiding principles is our commitment to developing an algorithm that is ethical and that has no strings attached. We intend for use of our algorithm to be entirely voluntary, and there are many cautionary tales in the world of data science… Read More »MiDAS: A Cautionary Tale

          HECAT Kickoff Meeting

            The Hecat research project was officially launched last month, March 3rd and 4th at the Finnstown Castle Hotel. Hecat is funded under the Horizon 2020 research framework, a research initiative focused on enhancing innovation and fostering interdisciplinarity upon the foundation of European Values. The goal… Read More »HECAT Kickoff Meeting